Web Security

powered by Artificial Intelligence

Detect and prioritise sophisticated web threats.

Simple deployment, setup and zero maintenance.

Trigger a vulnerability scan when you publish/update a web app and get report with fix guidance.


Protect from latest attacks with protection designed specially for your application infrastructure.


Our security experts help you identify most targeted vulnerabilities and provide recommended solutions.
  • [We had a] good experience working with [BugSkan team], [they have] clear understanding of online web security [and] helped us to identify vulnerabilities on our online presence.
    Mr. Mahendra Sharma
    Co Founder & CEO at MatruBharti Technologies Pvt. Ltd

A Unique approach to Web App Security

Our advanced web application security software, BugSense, uses AI to detect and prioritise web attacks.

BugSense works by profiling web traffic as well as application architecture, and automatically generates protection rules for BugShield, our cloud-based WAF.

Together, BugShield and BugSense keep applications secured from latest web threats.

Power-packed Features. Affordable Pricing.


DDoS Protection

Protection from Application & DNS DDoS attacks.

Web Application Security

Detect & Defend from common web attacks.

Web Service Security

Discover attacks on mobile app backend web API.

E-Commerce Security

Protect from financial fraud. Compliant to PCI DSS.

Global Coverage

Distributed team of Security Engineers for every timezone.

Threat Research Lab

Indigenous security solution with R&D using latest technology.

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