Insecure code is a hacker's backdoor.

BugSkan scans your site for security bugs and helps you fix them. TRY NOW!


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Simplifying application security for developers.

Whenever we release an application in the wild (read 'internet') prowling eyes are set on it.
Let's admit, even the most confident developers are scared of someone "owning" their site.
With BugSkan you can test your site in as simple as 1-2-3.
Once you put the site to scan we will send you a report along with security recommendations.

We want to help you develop secure software

Java, .NET, PHP, Python or JavaScript - whatever you your platform is, we are committed to help you develop secure software.

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Frequently asked questions
We need your email account so that we can send you the security test reports. We will use this email address strictly for our own communication only.
After you submit your website, our automated systems will scan your site for security flaws. On completion you will receive a security test report in your inbox.
BugSkan checks your website for security bugs as defined in the OWASP Top 10 list which is globally accepted as a web security testing methodology.
We are looking forward to provide support for sites with a user login and password in the near future if we get good response from this try. Meanwhile if you have an immediate requirement please contact us.
Currently we provide a free, one time scan for your website which should be sufficient for most site owners. We will launch other services which will be paid based on feedback we receive.
We have taken precaution to keep the site secure. However security is an ongoing process we constantly strive for. If you discover a bug in this site you can report it to You might win a hall of fame, bounty or even a permanent place in our team as a reward.

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