Total Security for your Website

BUGSKAN defends your website from hackers, bots, spam and malware. 24x7x365.

Attackers, thou shalt not pass!

BugSkan is the complete web defense solution that protects your website, apps or API from hackers, bots, spam and malware. With a combination of machine learning and human intelligence, BugSkan serves as your virtual security expert that blocks every threat round the clock, without taking a day off.


DoS Defense

Application DoS exploits vulnerability in your application code or logic so that the server stays busy and is unable to process genuine customers. BUGSKAN automatically blocks these attacks, keeping your application available to genuine users.


Hacker Defense

Script kiddies or hackers try to use automated tools to find out vulnerabilities in your website. This information is further used to plan more complicated attacks. BUGSKAN not only blocks automated scanners, it also blocks every hacking attempt, foiling the attack plan.


Bot Defense

Automated bots are programs that scan your site for either stealing content, or for generating spam traffic. They consume a large amount of bandwidth and mess up with your analytics data. Sometimes they end up generating fraudulent clicks on your ads, resulting in loss of revenue.


Spam Defense

Autogenerated or manual content submitted on your website is not only increases the hassle of maintenance, it may contain malicious scripts or backlinks to URLs that can be dangerous to the reputation of your site. BUGSKAN prevents all kinds of spam proactively.

Frontline Defense for your Website

  • Load-balanced Layer 7 Firewall in the Cloud
  • Layer 7 DoS and DDoS Protection
  • Protection from OWASP Top 10 attacks i.e. SQL Injection, XSS, RCE & more
  • Heuristic Attack Blocking for preventing persistent attacks
  • Bot and Spam Blocking
  • Intelligent Virtual Patching on newly-identified vulnerabilities
  • IP masking, Geo-blocking, Captcha injection and much more…
  • Available as SaaS, cloud VM and physical appliance

Here's our Awesome Team that makes things Possible!


Kaushal Bhavsar

Founder, Programmer, Security Researcher

With his 9+ years experience in developing and securing distributed IT systems for global clients, Kaushal leads the BUGSKAN product and support teams.


Kirtana Bhavsar

Co-founder, Operations Manager

Kirtana worked as an Interior Designer for 8 years and now uses her organisational management skills to handle all the non-tech stuff.


Kashyap Joshi

Network Infrastructure & Security

As a certified  CCNA, CEH and Prince II professional Kashyap uses his networking, security and IT management skills to ensure perfect network infrastructure.


Drashti Patel

Product Engineer

Drashti completed her MBA in Finance and now she is back to her first love – Engineering. She heads and handles product development.


Mahesh Dhola

Software Architect

Mahesh is a system architect since the pre-dotcom era. His 20+ years of experience helps us get on track from design to delivery.


Amrish Patel

Data Scientist

Amrish graduated from IISc, Bangalore with Masters in Data Science and helps drive much of the intelligence in BUGSKAN.


  • We had a good experience working with BugSkan , they have clear understanding of online web security and helped us to identify vulnerabilities on our online presence.
    Mahendra Sharma
    Matrubharti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • BUGSKAN was worth a fortune to my company. BUGSKAN did exactly what you said it does. We've used BUGSKAN almost for the last two years.
    Douglas B.
    St. Paul City School, Minneapolis
  • Our client was facing spam issues and we thought it was a problem with the mail server but BugSkan identified the vulnerability in the plugin and removed the malware that was the source of spam

    Anil Parmar
    Glorywebs Creatives Pvt. Ltd.
  • It's incredible. You won't regret it. It really saves me time and effort. BUGSKAN is exactly what our business has been lacking - a security system within our budget.

    Eduardo Mantilla
    Green Source Holdings LLC
  • We had a malware issue on our website - it would randomly redirect to spammy links! Before we started losing traffic and ad revenue, BugSkan helped us fix the issue in no time.

    Boni Satani

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