About us


Our Capabilities

Being a Cyber Security company, it is important that we keep heads up with the latest security threats and technology advances.

  1. Realtime Threat Intelligence – We collect threat input from organizations across the world.
  2. Dedicated Cloud Security Operations Center (CSoC) – Our Security Operations Center is a central point where everyone’s eyes at BugSkan are at.
  3. Continuous Monitoring – We constantly monitor the systems for newer attack patterns and update our systems accordingly
  4. Quick Incident Response – In case of hacking incident we quickly go to the root cause and prevent such incident from happening in future.
  5. Digital Forensics – We analyse systems to recreate the attack scenario in order to understand how it happened.
  6. Developer Friendly  – Having our roots in software development, we can understand security from developer’s perspective.
  7. Committed Support – We secure your things just like ours.


Here's our Awesome Team that makes things Possible!


Kaushal Bhavsar

Director, Technology & Research

With his 9+ years experience in developing and securing distributed IT systems for global clients, Kaushal leads the BUGSKAN product and support teams.


Kirtana Bhavsar

Cofounder, COO

Kirtana worked as an Interior Designer for 8 years and now uses her organisational management skills to handle all the non-tech stuff.


Kashyap Joshi

Pre-Sales & Support

As a certified  CCNA, CEH and Prince II professional Kashyap uses his networking, security and IT management skills to ensure perfect network infrastructure.


Drashti Patel

Product Manager

Drashti completed her MBA in Finance and now she is back to her first love – Engineering. She heads and handles product development.


Mahesh Dhola

System Architect & QA

Mahesh is a system architect since the pre-dotcom era. His 20+ years of experience helps us get on track from design to delivery with quality deliverables.


Amrish Patel

Data Scientist

Amrish graduated from IISc, Bangalore with Masters in Data Science and helps drive much of the intelligence in BUGSKAN.

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