My Website is hacked. How can BugSkan help?

If your website is hacked we clean-up all the malware from the website and we make sure that your website is up and running as soon as possible.

Do I need to install some script or code on my website to use BugSkan?

No, you won’t have to change a single line of code on your website, you just have to update your DNS settings and BugSkan will start protecting your site.

Will my website slow down? Will BugSkan affect the performance?

BugSkan acts as a frontline layer of defense for your website, which means it will intercept and stop bad requests from reaching your server. This will stop bad bots, hackers and spam and this legitimate visitors will be able to access your website faster.

I don't want to subscribe for your 1-year Protection Plan, I just want my website fixed. Can you help?

Of course. If you just want to fix your website, we can do that for you.

However there might be chances that your website will be hacked again, which is why we built to protection plan in the first place.

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