How can I install BugShield on my server?

BugShield is a zero-touch cloud security platform. You don’t need to install anything on your server or source code in order to use All it takes is just a simple change in your DNS record, and you’re set up in as little as 2 minutes.

What changes do I make in my DNS records in order to use

In order to use BugShield, you need to replace your domain’s name servers (usually found at your domain registrar e.g. with BugShield’s DNS servers. This will activate BugShield protection for your domain.

How can I trust BugShield's DNS servers? Won't it slow my website?

A DNS server is responsible to translate your domain name into the IP address of the server on which the domain is hosted. If the DNS server is far away from the location of your server, there can be a delay in DNS resolution, increasing latency. uses AnyCast DNS which means out of the 23 global DNS servers, will choose the DNS server closest to your servers. This reduces latency upto 250%.

How quickly can start working? Will my website face downtime?

Once your account is setup and you update your DNS, it usually takes 15 minutes to propogate the DNS changes all over the global internet. However there is NO DOWNTIME since old DNS records will still point to your server.

What kind of attacks does protect from? protects from common web attacks like:

  • Application DDoS
  • DNS DDoS
  • XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection and other Owasp Top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Malicious Script Upload
  • Comment and SEO Referral Spam
Can I generate my own protection rules for my Domain?

Yes, Standard and Ultimate Plan provide you the interface to create your own rules based on Whitelist/Blacklist you provide.

What is the Vulnerability Scanning feature of

A vulnerability scan shows you weaknesses in your website that can be possibly exploited by hackers.

In Standard and Ultimate plan, you can request a vulnerability scan of your website. You can set the authentication details if your website has a portion restricted by login.

After the scan is done, you will be showed a report of vulnerabilities discovered, along with steps to fix them.