How can I install BugShield on my server?

BugShield is a zero-touch cloud security platform. You don’t need to install anything on your server or source code in order to use BugShield. All it takes is just a simple change in your DNS record, and you’re set up in as little as 2 minutes.

How do I register the website?

First, enter the website that you want to register as shown in below screenshot.

Fill all the required details to register

After that, you will get confirmation link on your registered email id. Click on the confirmation link.

Can I get access of all URLs in a single login Dashboard?

Yes, you can access all registered website in a single dashboard.

Can I download detail report from dashboard?

Yes, BugShield has a feature where you can download date wise report.

Can I schedule the scan?

Yes, you can schedule a scan accordingly from your BugShield dashboard.

To schedule a scan to go to vulnerability scan > Schedule a new scan > Enter date for the scan.

Can you Blacklist/Whitelist a particular IP?

Yes, User can blacklist or whitelist a particular IP from their dashboard.

Go to Custom rules > Select blacklist/whitelist IP > Create a new custom rule.

Then add IP address that you want to process.

What is the Vulnerability Scanning feature of BugShield?

A vulnerability scan shows the weaknesses in your website that can be possibly exploited by hackers.

In Standard and Ultimate plan, you can request a vulnerability scan of your website. You can set the authentication details if your website has a portion restricted by the login.

After the scan is done, you will be shown a report of vulnerabilities discovered, along with steps to fix them.

What are the services except scanning?

Here is the list of services that we provide in our Basic, Standard and Ultimate Plan.

If I register the URL today, from when you will start the services?

BugShield services will start from the same day.

Do you cover sub-domains?

Yes, we cover sub-domains.

Will this protection stop hackers from exploiting vulnerability?

Yes, of course. This type of protection is a primary function of BugShield.

Can I expect any downtime?

No, We continuously monitor web applications which are registered under BugShield, so there are very fewer chances for downtime.

How can I trust BugShield's DNS servers? Won't it slow my website?

A DNS server is responsible to translate your domain name into the IP address of the server on which the domain is hosted. If the DNS server is far away from the location of your server, there can be a delay in DNS resolution, increasing latency. BugShield.io uses AnyCast DNS which means out of the 23 global DNS servers, BugShield will choose the DNS server closest to your servers. This reduces latency by up to 250%.

Can you fix the vulnerabilities?

Unfortunately, we cannot fix the vulnerabilities since we don’t have access to your source code. However, whenever we discover a vulnerability, we automatically add a protection rule for the same in BugShield so your application will be secure even if the vulnerability is not fixed.

Do you provide a trial of BugShield to validate the quality?

We provide a 7-day trial for you to evaluate BugShield.

Can I talk directly to BugShield support?

Yes, BugShield’s team of certified security engineers is always available for you whenever you want. You can talk to them on the phone if you have subscribed to Standard as well as Ultimate Shield. Plus, if you have selected the Ultimate Shield, a dedicated security engineer will be assigned to you.

Will you protect my website if my website is already hacked?

Yes, if you subscribe to BugShield we will fix your hacked website for free.

Do you backup the site before security testing?

Unfortunately, we can’t do that because we don’t have access to your source code.

Do I have to install any plugin or framework to use BugShield?

No, you just need to setup the DNS records and rest will be taken care by our security engineers.

Can you do the DNS set up for us?

Yes, we can if you provide us your credentials for your domain control panel.

Do you offer a service level agreement?

BugShield Cloud Platform provides 99.9% uptime. For Standard as well as Ultimate Shield, we do provide a service level agreement.

What is the procedure to change the BugShield plan?

Just drop us an email on bugs@bugskan.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I change the website in same working plan?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the website in the existing plan but you can terminate the existing subscription and order new one.

What kind of attacks blocked by Bugshield?

BugShield blocks all kinds of attacks like DDoS, DNS, Injection, Cross-site scripting, CSRF, Pattern match, Remote file inclusion, Brute force, Local file inclusion, OS commands, Trojan/viruses, Owasp Top 10 vulnerabilities, Malicious script upload, Comment and SEO referral spam etc. Our protection database is updated daily based on newly discovered attack patterns.

Are you provides SSL certificate?


Are there any additional taxes or fees?

Our pricing plans are exclusive of all the basic taxes.

Is this a subscription service?

BugShield Cloud WAF is based on an annual subscription plan. You can see our pricing here.

Can you adjust basic plan payment into standard or ultimate plan?

Yes of course whenever you wish to upgrade.

What do I have to do to cancel existing protection plan?

You can simply revert back to your old DNS settings. Also please inform us on bugs@bugskan.com to avoid billing issues.

Do you offer refund?

We wouldn’t want to leave your website insecure once we start protecting it. However, if you are not happy with BugShield, we will be happy to provide a refund of the amount pro-rated based on your date of subscription.

Can I get the scanning report on my E-mail?


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