Website hacked?

Get help for your hacked website

It’s always painful when you come to know that your site has been compromised and it can happen in various ways


  1. This is the time when you’re contacted by Google or your hosting company.
  2. Alternatively, it could be when your customers get red warning screen while accessing your website.
  3. Or maybe it’s when you reach out to your own site and suddenly you’re looking at a completely new site, which is not yours.

So, what does it mean to have a hacked website?


It could mean that you don’t have access to your webpages anymore, or you have changed the profession completely and become a law-firm representative or porn seller! In any case, this hurts your business that you’ve put in blood and sweat to establish.


Your first move might be to call your hosting company or site developer. But, as everyone says ‘time is money’ and you might be losing it. When the attack happens, your brand image might take the biggest hit.


PS: Not all hosting companies or site creators are in a position to help, as it might also not their area of expertise.

Your next step would be to search for help on internet. Someone who can fix your site. At this stage you might think, I will have to pay someone to have my site up and running again. You might think: It might be just couple of clicks to fix this? OR Relax, It has just happened, right?


At this stage, you might go down the memory lane and remember seeing some early signs:

Your pages took longer than usual to load…

Perhaps, unwanted and unnecessary files were appearing on your website…

In short – by the time you figure out faults in your website, the damage has already been done.


If you fix your site on your own, initially you might think everything is sorted. However, professional hackers don’t work that way; they leave multiple entrances open and if you don’t block them completely, they might reach you quicker than

After so much time spent on bug fixing and loss in revenue, you might end up paying hefty fees to your hosting company. They will take ‘forever’ to fix your site and it’s not the end of problems.

Remember, hackers might keep getting back at your site to create problems.

We feel your pain and want to help you in all the way possible to get you back into the business as soon as possible. We also want you to be there seamlessly.

We can remove all those long-lasting calls and never-ending email threads with hosting companies and replace it with peace of mind and money.

In addition, we’ll protect your site from future attacks. So, we think, we get in touch and talk about the problems.

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