BugShield Enterprise WAF

What is a WAF?


  1. (in cybersecurity) A Layer 7 Firewall that provides the first layer of defense for your Web Applications.
    Unlike a traditional firewall the WAF inspects HTTP traffic to identify and block application-level threats.

Why do you need a WAF

Just as an online retail customer can interact with an online retail site, hackers can conduct malicious interactions as well.  These attacks predominantly occur as SQL injections, cross-site scripting and malicious file executions.  BugShield Enterprise WAF is designed to protect against these and other OWASP Top Ten application risks.

BugShield can differentiate fraudulent interactions from legitimate traffic by intercepting and analyzing each and every HTTP request before they reach your web application.

Because BugShield WAF stands between the public and the web application, it is able to decouple the traffic between the web server and the internet, it can work as an inbound or reverse proxy.