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BugShield.io – Integrated cloud SIEM with Scanner & WAF


Stop worrying about securing your web infrastructure.

BugShield can secure any web endpoint be it Web Applications, API or even a WordPress website. BugShield.io Cloud Platform includes a Web Application Firewall which is always ready to defend from latest vulnerabilties along with a Vulnerability Scanner that checks for security gaps in your application and sends you developer-friendly fix guidance.

BugShield protects exploitation of the vulnerabilities BEFORE your developers fix them.

How our platform works


Why BugShield.io

BugShield.io gives you enterprise-grade web security at a fraction of the cost


Hacker Protection

Protect your web infrastructure from common hacking attacks like DDoS, XSS, SQL Injection and other 35000+ attacks (updated daily)

BugShield Web Application Firewall

Acts as a front-line defense mechanism for your web servers, blocking attacks your traditional firewalls will simply not detect.

Application Vulnerability Scanner

Run on-demand vulnerability scans for your websites, apps or API and automatically generate application-specific protection rules.

End-to-end SSL Encryption

Upload your custom SSL certificate or get a new one issued for free

Want to know more?

The best way to understand something is to experience it. Request a free trial and we will arrange a free demo or a POC for your application.