Our Mission

Help Developers deliver Secure Apps

Apart from defending applications from hackers and scanning for vulnerabilities, we also conduct training programs at organizations to make developers aware of how they could make their apps more secure.

Finally, the hacker is only as strong as the weakest developer, isn’t it?

Our Vision

To be the largest Indian company providing security for apps, servers and IoT devices

Here’s our Story


How we started

BugSkan started off as an open-source project showcased at Microsoft Openness Days 2016, Hyderabad. Kaushal Bhavsar, the co-founder of BugSkan was working as a security consultant and he built a tool to automate most of the things.

The IT crowd at the conference loved it. Senior architects and developers expressed the need of a cost-effective solution for developers to evaluate security of their apps, which they would understand without complicated hacker mumbo-jumbo.

So we decided to take BugSkan as a new startup. The journey since then has been exciting!

Getting up on the feet

BugSkan was accepted as a startup by LEAF Incubation Center, Ahmedabad.

At LEAF, we got all the basic facilities an Internet startup would require – a place to work and Internet. We also get selected as one of the 40 startups that would be funded by Government of Gujarat as a part of the Startup Gujarat platform.

We had the funds to run our servers and everything else. It was time to work on the prototype.

First Community Meeting

We realized that the real problem why developers don’t write secure code is because they simply aren’t aware of latest security issues related to the platform they are working on.

We decided to address this issue by planning Gujarat’s first security event focused on developers called BugConf 1.0. Over 150 developers from top software companies from Ahmedabad attended this event.

Developers are key to a secure cyberspace. We are on a mission to help them.