Why BugSkan?

We build intelligent cybersecurity solutions

Machine Learning + Human Knowledge = Hybrid Security Intelligence.

Machine Learning for CyberSecurity

Machine learning helps us transform huge datasets into relevant cybersecurity knowledge, eliminating the need to involve in repetitive and mundane tasks.

Given the right data and training, machine learning can make sense of the security threats faces and help focus on more valuable, strategic tasks. It can also be the answer to upcoming cybersecurity threats your organization can face. At BugSkan we consider machine learning and artificial intelligence technology as an enabler, and not a risk, for cybersecurity expertise. Our technology can parse millions of log records per day to uncover a few hundred relevant ones which are of value to security experts.

Applications of our technology

  • Vulnerability Identification & Management
  • Proactive Web & Network Defense
  • Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)
  • Incident Response & Cybercrime Investigation
  • APT & Insider Threat Detection

Global Team of CyberSecurity Experts

Security, just like art, is an end-result of creative process that is performed by the best brains with most relevant data. That is why we rely on diverse talent pool of security researchers.

In the current digital age, having the passion, knowledge and right tools isn't enough. Positive outcomes are more reliable on the choice of data and the right sense of decision making capabilities. While the former can be generated programmatically, the latter is only the addressed via sheer experience earned through hours of hard work, errors and perseverance. This is applicable to any industry but more so in cybersecurity since the threat landscape keeps evolving with newer technologies being adopted at a massive rate.
At BugSkan, our team members and their collective intelligence helps us to identify root cause of hacking incidents while also addressing critical cybersecurity threats before they actually happen.


attacks blocked


hacking investigations


devices secured


years of experience

How we got started

BugSkan is a Cloud Security company founded in 2015 with the aim to making intelligent cybersecurity solutions. Before BugSkan, we used to develop cloud based software solutions for our clients. We always faced security issues once the app was live. Hackers would bombard the server with automated scripts that would create a lot of junk data and the systems would slow down or crash. Sometimes it got worse with attacks happening all the time, and we started spending more time on managing servers instead of programming. Our search for an affordable and flexible security system resulted in BugSkan. And we are constantly improving since then.

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